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Powder metallurgy is a combination of powder and metallurgy. As indicated by its name, it is technology To manufacture products by using metallurgy. More specifically, powder metallurgy technology or process can be defined as follows.

When metal powder is compressed and heated, diffusion will occur between each particle, so that sintering effects can take place(metals adhere to each other.) Using this effect, metal powder can be formed into a desirable shape and then this formed product is sintered below the melting points of its ingredients to manufacture a metal product.

Using this technology, mechanical, automobile parts, geared motors, consumer electronics and fuel injection free bearing can be manufactured.

Materials with special characteristics can be manufactured.
The main reason for adopting powder metallurgy technology as a usual means to manufacture metal products is because casting or forging has difficulties in manufacturing such products with high melting points and mass production is supported.. In addition, it can also manufacture porosity parts such as filters and composite parts.
In addition, recently, powder metallurgy technology is deemed to be the most suitable manufacturing technology for small mechanical parts in mass production.

When you have to mass produce several million units of automobile parts or consumer electronic parts, it Is much faster than casting or forging. Also, you can improve the function of automation. In addition, by using powder metallurgy technology that guarantees regularity of quality, you can also improve the productivity greatly.
As we see that 60% of the entire market is using powder metallurgy parts, we can be optimistic about the future demand for powder metallurgy technology.

  • Can mass produce the products with the same shapes at very high speed.
  • Can facilitate manufacturing of products requiring very difficulty mechanical processing such as irregular shapes.
  • The mechanical processes are reduced. The time is saved and material loss is minimized.
  • It is suitable for complex alloys. Can control the mechanical property arbitrarily.
  • Oil or lubricant is impregnated in a product to achieve high resistivity against abrasion.
  • Highly pure and precise. Excellent surface roughness.
  • Carburizing thermal processing, coating and infiltration to achieve high quality and durability.

  • Powder metallurgy products are very important parts for the final products.
  • It is used in a wide range of application rather than used alone.
  • Powder metallurgy technology can be used for a variety of products.
  • Using very economical powder metallurgy technology, new application areas are being explored.
  • Also, commercialization as the final products is in the very near future.
  • Powder metallurgy technology occupies about 10% of automobile parts and especially 40% of engine parts..
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